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Cardboard mailer box for 45 rpm records late 1963
Image courtesy of Jim Cancilla aka Beans
(D&J Records of Carnegie, Pittsburgh PA)

100 Arlene  DeMarco (1957) Old Enough To Know/Don't Rush Me
101 Quakertown Singers   I'm In Love With Someone/Choo Choo Train
102 Don Gardner   Love Only Brings Happiness/Sneakin' In
103 Billy Scott   The Secret/I Didn't Ask
104 Tommy Ferguson Trio   Mary Anne/Just Squeeze Me
105 Charlie Gracie #1chart Butterfly/Ninety-Nine Ways
106 Laura K. Bryant    Billy /Part Time Gal
107 Charlie Gracie  #16 Fabulous/Just Lookin'
109 Ray Vernon    Evil Angel/I'll Take Tomorrow Today
109 Ray Vernon    Evil Angel/I Found A Key
110 Applejacks    Love In The Jungle/Chitter Chatter Baby
111 Charlie Gracie  #6 I Love You So Much It Hurts/Wanderin' Eyes
112 Laura K. Bryant    I Don't Hurt Anymore/The Kiss I Never Had
113 Jimmy Gavin    I Sit In My Window/Lonely Chair
114 Baby Tino    My Honeybun/Sweet Cakes
115 Ray Vernon    Terry(You're Askin' Too Much)/I'm Countin' On You
116 Timmie Rogers  #36 Back To School Again/I've Got A Dog Who Loves Me
117 Rays  #3 Silhouettes/Daddy Cool
118 Charlie Gracie   Cool Baby
119 Rollie McGill    People Are Talking Part 1/Part 2
120 Jerry Arnold    Race For Time/Let's Take A Ride
120 Jerry Arnold   Race For Time/I Found A Key
121 Billy Scott  #73 You're The Greatest/That's Why I Was Born
122 Lillie Bryant    Good Mornin' Baby/The Gambler
123 The Cameos    Merry Christmas/New Years Eve
124 Laura K. Bryant  (1958) Bobby/Angel Tears
125 Mike Pedicin Quintet #71 Shake A Hand/Dearly Beloved
126 Storey Sisters  #45 Bad Motorcycle/Sweet Daddy
127  Charlie Gracie    Dressin' Up/Crazy Girl
128 Rays   Rendezvous/Triangle
129 Co-Eds    Juke Box/Big Chief
130 John Zacherle #6 Dinner With Drac/Igor
130 John Zacherle   Dinner With Drac Part 1/ 2
131 Timmie Rogers   Fla-Ga-La-Pa/Take Me To Your Leader
132 Applejacks    Dinner With Drac/No Name Theme
133 Rays    Rags To Riches/The Man Above
134 Co-Eds   La La La/Juke Box
135 Melvin Smith   Open The Door Richard/Zukie Sue
136 Ray Vernon   Window Shopping/I'll Be So Good To You
137 Mike Miller/ Jack Casey    Don't Mess Up My Hair/I Need You Sweetheart
138 Applejacks    Moonlight Serenade/Walk On
139 John Zacherle    Eighty Two Tombstones/Lunch With Mother Goose
140 Carroll Brothers    My Gal Is Red Hot/Dearly Beloved
141 Charlie Gracie    Lovebird/Trying
142 Playboys #62 Over The Weekend/Double Talk
143 Billy Scott   A Million Boys/The Town Of Never Worry
144 Kenny Frank Ray    Everybody Loves Saturday Night/I'm Going Away
145 John Zacherle   I Was A Teenage Cave Man/Dummy Doll
146 Madman Jones    Jess One Mo' Time/Oh Henry
147 Cozy Morley   As We're Happy Tonight/I Chicken Out
148 Dave Garroway Orchestra   Dance Everyone Dance/Danny Boy
148 Dave Garroway Orchestra   Hovo Nogiloh/Danny Boy
149 Applejacks  #16 Mexican Hat Rock/Sophisticated Swing
149 Applejacks   Mexican Hat Rock/Stop! Red Light
150 Georgie Young  #58 Nine More Miles/The Sneak
151 Gainors   The Secret/Gonna Rock Tonight
152 Peggy King    Does He Really Love Me/Beautiful Love
153 Bernie Lowe Orch #46 Intermission Riff/Sing Sing Sing
154 Four Of A Kind    You Were Made To Love Me/Love Every Moment
You Love
155 Applejacks #38 Rocka Conga/Am I Blue
155 Applejacks   Rocka Tonga/Am I Blue
156 Gainors (1959) You Must Be An Angel/Follow Me
157 Stan Newman   Jenkins Band//Parade
158 Applejacks  #70 Bunny Hop/Night Train Stroll
160 Bobby Rydell    Please Don't Be Mad/Makin' Time
161 Sequins    To Be Young/The Mountains
162 Bernie Lowe Orchestra    Bonaparte's Retreat/Charleston '59
163 Marshall Lytell   Click Clackin' Heels/Just Pretend
164 Bobby Rydell   All I Want Is You/For You, For You
165 Wayne Downing    Rattlesnake Daddy ##
165  Dream Girls   Don't Break My Heart/Oh This Is Why
166 Georgie Young   Feels So Good/Two Weeks With Pay
167 Bobby Rydell #11 Kissin' Time/You'll Never Tame Me
168 Georgie Young    Georgie Porgie/Where Is Your Heart
169 Bobby Rydell #6/#46 We Got Love/I Dig Girls
170 Applejacks    Love Scene/Circle Dance
171 Bobby Rydell  #2 Wild One/Little Bitty Girl
172 Matt Stevens (1960) Jimmy's Girl/It Was There All The Time
173 Georgie Young   Gold Rush/That's Tough
174 Bernie Lowe   Garden Of Eden/All This Is Heaven To Me
175  Bobby Rydell #5/#18 Swingin' School/Ding A Ling
176 Cameos    The Best Of Can-Can/The Best Of Can-Can
177 Applejacks   The Untouchables/Memories
178 Jack Weigand   Shangri-La/Stairway To The Stars
179 Bobby Rydell #4 Volare/I'll Do It Again
180 Willis Sisters   A Little Bit Older/Do I Worry
181 Frankie Brent   More Of Everything/Bangin' On the Bongo
182 Bobby Rydell #14 Sway/Groovy Tonight
183 Tani Jones    Easy Come Go/Learnin' The Blues
184 Dave Appell   Theme From The Young Ones/September Song
185 Jack Weigand  (1961) Sixteen Candles/Prisoner Of Love
186 Bobby Rydell  #11/#54 Good Time Baby/Cherie
187 Frankie Brent    Hi Ho Silver/Amigos
188 Intl. Pop Orch   If You Love Me/Theme From Carmen
189 Neil Darrow I   Trust In You/Don't Let Our Love Go Wrong
190  Bobby Rydell  #11 That Old Black Magic/Don't Be Afraid
191 Intl. Pop Orch.   La Strada/Summer Day
192  Bobby Rydell  #11 The Fish/The Third House
193 Tiny Robin   Letter From You/First Kiss
194 Leroy & His Rockin'Fellers    River Nile/Unfinished Fifth
195 Dina Raye   Little White Diamonds/Afternoon Slow Dance
196 Frankie Brent   Rang Dang Do/Hold It
197 Carl & Commanders    Farmer John/Cleaning Up
198 Orlons   I'll Be True/Heart Darling Angel
200 Intl. Pop Orchestra   Old Man River/You'll Never Walk Alone
201 Bobby Rydell  #11/#86 I Wanna Thank You/The Door To Paradise
202 Carl Maduri    Miss Teenage America/What A Night
203 Applejacks    Mexican Hat Twist/Cherry Vanilla
203 Applejacks   Mexican Hat Twist/Let's Continental
204 Paul Hampton    Nothing's Impossible/Maybe Tomorrow
205 Bobby Rydell/ Chubby Checker #21 Jingle Bell Rock/Jingle Bell Imitations
10E Bobby Rydell   EP Lot of Livin' To Do/Sway/Old Black Magic/
12E Bobby Rydell/ Chubby Checker   Your Hits And Mine (one side)
13E Bobby Rydell/ Chubby Checker   What Are You Doin' New Year's Eve (one side)
207 Dave Appell    Happy Jose/Noivous
209 Bobby Rydell  #18/#69
I've Got Bonnie/Lose Her
210 Meyer Davis    Let's Twist Again/Meyer Davis Twist
211 Orlons    Happy Birthday Twenty One/Please Let It Be
212 Dee Dee Sharp  #2 Mashed Potato Time/Set My Heart At Ease
213 Carroll Brothers   Bo Diddley/Don't Knock The Twist
214 Bobby Rydell/ Chubby Checker #109 Swingin' Together/Teach Me To Twist
215 Skyliners   Everyone But You/Three Coins In The Fountain
216 Philadelphians    I Missed Her/The Vow
217  Bobby Rydell #14 I'll Never Dance Again/Gee, It's Wonderful
218 Orlons  #2 The Wah-Watusi/Holiday Hill
219 Dee Dee Sharp #9 Gravy/Baby Cakes
220 Mike Sarne   Come On Outside/Fountain Of Love
221 Carroll Brothers #100 Boot It/Sweet Georgia Brown
222 Applejacks   Struttin' In Summertime/Anytime
223  Jo Ann Campbell  #38 I'm The Girl From Wolverton Mountain/Sloppy Jo
224 Tom Young & Hippies    The Mash/The Wah Watusi
226 Rick & Masters   Flame Of Love/Here Comes Nancy
228 Bobby Rydell  #10 The Cha Cha Cha/The Best Man Cried
229 Sean Thomas    I Just Don't Love You Anymore/I'm Going Home
230 Dee Dee Sharp  #5 Ride!/The Night
231 Orlons #4 Don't Hang Up/The Conservative
232 Oberst Nicholson Band    Lost Patrol/Jericho
233 Roommates   Sunday Kind Of Love/Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
234 Pete Antell #100 Night Time/Something About You
235 Jack Pleis   What Kind Of Fool Am I/I Left My Heart In San Francisco
236 Johnny Gee    Why Don't You Love Me/Rock 'N' Ride
237 Jo Ann Campbell   Let Me Do It My Way/Mr. Fix-It Man
239  Don Covay #75 Popeye Waddle/One Little Boy Had Money
240 Clint Eastwood  (1963) Cowboy Wedding Song/Rowdy
241 Joe Brown   It Only Took A Minute/All Things Bright And Beautiful
242  Bobby Rydell #23 Butterfly Baby/Love Is Blind
243 Orlons  #3 South Street/Them Terrible Boots
244 Dee Dee Sharp #10 Do The Bird/Lover Boy
245  Helen O'Connell    The Sweetest Sounds/Witchcraft
246 Beethoven Ben   Georgia On My Mind/Heart Of My Heart
247 Rick & Masters    Let It Please Be You/I Don't Want Your Love
248 Applejacks   Back In 60 Seconds/Hippies Waltz
249  Jo Anne Campbell  #88 Mother Please/Waitin' For Love
250 Angels    You Turn Me On/Raining Teardrops
251 Don Covay   Wiggle Wobble/Do The Bug
252 Bobby Rydell #17 Wildwood Days/Will You Be My Baby?
253 Luther Randolph/Stiles    Cross Roads Part 1/Part 2
254 Vince La Spada/Smokey    There's A Hole In My Cigarette/There's A Hole In My Cigarette (instr)
DJ Bobby Rydell   Steel Pier (one side)
256 Johnny Maestro   I'll Be True/Over The Weekend
257  Orlons  #12 Not Me/My Best Friend
258 Vanderbilts    Lila's Theme/Dreamy
259 Dave Edwards    Big Me Cry/Lonely Teardrops
260 Dee Dee Sharp  #43 Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love/You'll Never Be Mine
261 Maynard Ferguson   Theme From Naked City/Antony & Cleopatra
262 Clark Terry   More/The Good Life
263 International Pop Orch.   Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Blue Tango
264 Pete Antell    Keep It Up/You In Disguise
265  Bobby Rydell   Little Queenie/The Woodpecker Song
266 Merv Griffin   Always/Hey Pretty Baby
268 Chants   Come Go With Me
269 Bearcats    Theme From 8 1/2 /Tracey's Tune
270 Little Cheryl   Heaven Only Knows/Can't We Just Be Friends
271 Dardenelles    Baby, Do The Froog/Alright
272 Bobby Rydell   Let's Make Love Tonight/Childhood Sweetheart
273 Orlons #19 Crossfire/It's No Big Thing
274 Dee Dee Sharp #33 Wild!/Why Doncha Ask Me
275 Maynard Ferguson   Groove/Blues For A Four String Guitar
276 Little Cheryl    Can't We Be Friends/Man, Let The Phone Bell Ring
277 Chants   I Don't Care/Come Go With Me
280 Bobby Rydell #4 Forget Him/Love Love Go Away
1070 Bobby Rydell   Forget Him/Message From Bobby(Hits Of 1963)
Bobby Rydell   Forget Him/Hey Everybody (Canadian)
281 Clark Terry    East Side Drive/Theme From Lillies Of The Field
282 Frank D'Rone   Have A Good Time/Mr. Blue
283 Applejacks    Hot Toddy/Dance Of The Hours
284 Squirrels/Phil. Minstrels    Grandma's House/The Girl That I'll Adore
285 Crusaders    T.D.'s Boogie Woogie/At The Club
286 Jaynells   I'll Stay Home New Year's Eve/Down Home
287 Orlons #12 Bon Doo Wah/Don't Throw Your Love Away
288 Chase Webster   Uptown/Where Are You
289 Bernie Lowe Orch.   Blue Velvet/That Sunday That Summer
290 Los Senors  (1964) Amapola/Acapulco
291 Norma Lee    He/God Bless Me
292 Little Cheryl   I Love You Conrad/Come On Home
293  Emblems   Cruel World/Whenever I'm Feeling Low
294 Allen Funt Orch.   Cee Cee's Theme/Theme From The Young Ones
295 Orlons #66 Shimmy Shimmy/Everything Nice
296 Dee Dee Sharp #82/#97 Where Did I Go Wrong/Willyam, Willyam
297 Chants   A Thousand Stars/I Could Write A Book
298  Merv Griffin    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/ I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
299 Mark Dinning    January/Joey
300 Jay Walkers    Restless People/Sleep Sleep
301 Chuck Merriam    Broken Glass/Chuck's Monster
302 Swans  #85 Please Hurry Home/Boy With Beatle Hair
303  Len Barry   Jim Dandy/Don't Come Back
305 Johnny Maestro   Make Up My Mind/Lean On Me
306  Allen Reynolds   Julie Never Meant A Thing/You Beautiful Child
307 Little Cheryl   Yeh Yeh We Love 'Em/Nick & Joe Callin'
308 Kinks   Long Tall Sally/I Took My Baby Home
309 Bobby Rydell   Make Me Forget/Little Girl, I've Had A Busy Day
310 Chris Depolis    Miss Daisy De Lite/View From My Window
311 Jack Merlin   Drip Drop Shala La/My Debbie
312  Chase Webster   Cry Cry Darling/Suit Cash
313 Mark Dinning    Shouls We Do It/Call Her Your Sweetheart
315 EP Kinks   Long Tall Sally/I Took My Baby Home/You Still Want Me/You Do Something to Me
316 Migil 5   Mockin' Bird Hill/Long Ago and Far Away
319 Orlons #66 Rules Of Love/Heartbreak Hotel
320 Bobby Rydell    A World Without Love/Our Faded Love
321 Dave Appell & Applejacks   Bongo Beach/She Loves You
322 Intl. Pop Orch.   Love Theme From Carpetbagger/If You Love Me
323 Breakaways    That's How It Goes/He Doesn't Love Me
324 Baker Twins    Words Written On Water/He's No Good
325 Dimples   Dreaming Of You/Please Don't Be Angry With Me
326 Dreamlovers   These Will Be The Good Old Days/Oh Baby Mine
327  Joey & Flips    Fool, Fool, Fool/The Beachcomber
328 Teddy Mertens   This Is My Prayer/My River Of Memories
329  Dee Dee Sharp   Never Pick A Pretty Boy/He's No Ordinary Guy
330  Judy Stone   4,003,221 Tears From Now/Hello Faithless
331  Fashions    Baby That's Me/Nick & Joe Callin'
332 Orlons #64 Goin' Places/Knock! Knock!
333 Marlins   Everbody Do The Swim Part 1/ Part 2
334 Camelots   Don't Leave Me Baby/Love Call
335 Dee Dee Sharp   Good/Deep Dark Secret
336 Candy & The Kisses #10 The 81/Two Happy People
337 Stylettes   Packing Up My Memories/On Fire
338 Maura & Maria (1965) Rain Coat (Vocal)/Rain Coat (Instr)
339 Bobby Roberts & Ravons   How Can I Make Her Mine/I'm In Love Again
340 Richard Starr    Witchcraft Love/Singing The Blues
341 Screamin' Lord Sutch   She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man/ Bye Bye Baby
342 U.K.'s    Your Love Is All I Want/Ever Faithful Ever True
343 Ivy League    What More Do You Want/Wait A Minute
344 Billy & the Essentials   Remember Me Baby/The Actor
345 Kinks   Long Tall Sally/I Took My Baby Home
346 Orlons   I Ain't Coming Back/Envy
347 Dee Dee Sharp    To Know Him Is To Love Him/There Ain't Nothin' I Would Do
348 Kinks    You Still Want Me/You Do Something To Me
349 Hi Fi's   I Keep Forgetting/Why Can't I Stop Loving You
350 Soul Agents    Seventh Son/Let's Make It Pretty Baby
351 Boys   It Ain't Fair/I Want You
352  Orlons   Come On Down Baby Baby/I Ain't Coming Back
353 Stylettes    You'll Go First
354 Bobby Ellis    It's The Talk Of The Town/She's Got A Heart Of Stone
355 Candy and the Kisses   Shakin' Time/Solider Boy of Mine
356 Ivy League   Funny How Love Can Be/Lonely Room
357 Dee Dee Sharp    That's What My Mama Said/Let's Twine
358 Millie Thomas    All Over Again/Take Me Home
359 Martha Smith   As I Watch You Walk Away/It Always Seems Like Summer
360 D Kool & Kasuals   She's Good To Me
361  Bobby Rydell    Ciao, Ciao, Bambino/Voce De La Notte
362 Mark London   Stranger In The World/Moonin'
363 Tom Burt    OK Girl/All Through The Night
364 Dewey Edwards   I Let A Good Thing Go By/Come On OverTo My Place
365  Ivy League    That's Why I'm Crying/A Girl Like You
366 John Schroeder Orchestra   The Fugitive Theme/Don't Break The Heart Of Kim Kimble
367 Tweeds    Walk In The Black Forest/3 O'Clock In The Morning
368 Bitter Sweets    Mark My Words/What A Lonely Way To Start The Summertime
369 Sir Harold J. Cromer    The Thing/Nick And Joe Callin'
370 Jordan Brothers   Good Love Goes Bad/Break Down And Cry
371 Johnny Day    Something Real/I've Made Up My Mind
372 Orlons   I Can't Take It/Don't You Want My Lovin'
373 Jimmy Wisner   A Walk In Space/El Senor Jose
374 Lonnie Youngblood   Come On Let's Strut/Youngblood Feeling
375 Dee Dee Sharp  #78 I Really Love You/Standing In The Need Of Love
376 Hep Stars    Cadillac/Farmer John
377 Ivy League #83 Tossing & Turning/Graduation Day
378  Exceptions   Down By The Ocean/Pancho's Villa
379 Knight Owls    Goody Galum-Shus/What
380 Honey Love & Love Notes    We Belomg Together/Mary Ann
381 Mike Clifford   Before I Loved Her/Shirl Girl
382 Dee Dee Sharp    It's A Funny Situation/There Ain't Nothin' I Wouldn't Do For You
383 Ray & Ellen    All Right/Two Little People
384 Orlons   Envy/No Love But Your Love
385  John Schroeder Orchestra    You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Funny HowLove Can Be
386  Jeanne Hatfield    Time/Unprejudiced Girl
388  Ivy League    Our Love Is Slipping Away/I Could Make You Fall In Love
389  John Schroeder Orchestra    Agent Double Soul/Nightrider
390  Two Of Us    We'll Build A New World/Two Of Us
391 Peter Best    Boys/Kansas City
393 Jerry Blavat    Discophonic Walk/Back To School One More Time
394 Boys Next Door    I Could See Me Dancin' With You/There Is No Greater Sin
395 Mike Clifford (1966) Out In The Country/Countin'
396 Bobby Paris   Night Owl/Tears On My Pillow
399  Don Steele   Tina Degado Is Alive/Hole In My Soul
400 Bob Sled & Toboggans   Here We Go/Sea And Ski
401 Blue Eyed Soul    The Shadow Of Your Love/Look Gently At The Rain
402 Ivy League    Rain Rain Go Away/Running Around In Circles
403 Bobby Sherman   Happiness Is/Can't Get Used To Losing You
405 Bobby Marchan    There's Something About My Baby/Everything A Poor Man Needs
406 Tommy Maris   Don't Come Crying To Me/Wait For My Love
407 Nicky De Matteo    I Wanna Be Lonely/Little Red Kitten
408 Gari & Pristines   Loser's Club/Let Me Go Lover
409 Lovenotes    Baby, Baby, You/Beg Me
410 Fraggies   Stick With You/I Wanna Love You
411 Colby Hawkes   I'm Gonna Jump Right Off The Brooklyn Bridge/A Little Love Goes A Long Long Way
412 Billie & Lillie    Nothing Moves/The Two Of Us
413 Evie Sands    Picture Me Gone/It Makes Me Laugh
414 Jerri Michaels   Like A Madness/Give It All To Me
415 South St. Mission Band    Hooka Tooka/Theme From The Young Ones
416 Joey Restivo    Suzanne/ I'm Just A Boy
417 Richie Dennis & Group   Dear Judy/Forever And a Day
418 Joey Roberts    That Man's Got No Luck/Once In A Lifetime
419 Gentlemen   Come On/Only Me
420 All Night Workers   Honey & Wine/God Bless The Child
421 Mob    Wait/Mystery Man
422 Destinations    Tell Her/I'd Rather Be Hurt
423 Blue Eyed Soul    Something New/Tonight I Am King
424 Jamie Coe & Gigalos   Green Back Dollar/But Yesterday
425 3 1/2   R&B In C/Don't Cry To Me Babe
426 Four Sharps    The Fife Piper/Happiness Is
427 Josephine XIII   Down On The Funny Farm/Break The Drums
428 ? & Mysterians #1 96 Tears/Midnight Hour
429 Bobby Marchan    (Shake Your) Money Maker/Just Be Yourself
430 Bold   Gotta Get Some/Robin Hood
431 Dantes   Under My Thumb/Can I Get A Witness
432 Dan Daniels   Just Me And My Mom & Dad/Theme From Just Me And My Mom & Dad
433 Teddy Boys   Where Will All The Good Times Go/LaLa
435 Billie & Lillie    You Got Me By The Heart/Hear You Better Hear
436 Evie Sands   The Love Of A Boy/We Better Know
437 Rationals   Respect/Feelin' Lost
438 Bob Seger&Lost Heard    East Side Story/East Side Song
439 Fabulous Flippers    I Don't Want To Cry/Harlem Shuffle
440 Joey Roberts   Raggeddy Anne/La La La La La
441 ? & Mysterians #22 I Need Somebody/"8"Teen
442 3 1/2   Problem Child/Hey Mom Hey Dad
444 Bob Seger & Herd    Sock It To Me Santa/Florida Time
445 Third Rail   The Sunday Train That Came To Life/Train Rush Hour Stomp
446  Reactors   1-A/Do That Thing
447  Dan Daniels & Squirrels   The First Christmas Carol/Grandma's House
448 Teddy Boys   Mona/Good Morning Blues 
449 Ivy League    My World Fell Down/When You're Young
450 Sensational Epics (1967) I've Been Hurt/It's A Gass
451 3 1/2   Hey Gyp/Hey Kitty, Cool Kitty
452  High Society   People Passing By/Star Of Eastern Street
453 Bobby Marchan    Meet Me In Church/Hooked
454 Fabulous Flippers   Shout/Turn On Your Love Light
455 Rationals   Hold On Baby/Sing
456 Demotrons   Beg Borrow And Steal/Midnight In New York
457 Capt. Jesse Fountain   I'm Marching/When It Rains Love
458 Barbara Chandler   In The Still Of The Night/Go
460  George Jackson   When I Stop Loving You/That Lonely Night
461 Tommy & Riverias   Messin' With The Kid/Detroit City
462 Hermione Gingold   Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor/ Rudy Valle Blues
463 Sweet Three    Don't Leave Me Now/ I Would If I Could
464 Jimmy Velvet   Take Me Tonight/Young Hearts
465 Bob Seger & Herd    Persecution Smith/Chain Smokin'
466 British Walkers   Shake/That Was Yesterday
467 ? & Mysterians  #56 Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby/Smokes
468 Semi-Colons  Beachcomber Set Aside
469 Bobby Marchan   Help Yourself/You Better Hold On
470 Shags   As Long As I Have You/Tell Me
471 Tony Orlando   Manuelito/Sweet, Sweet
473 Bob Seger & Herd    Vagrant Winter/Very Few
474 Ed McMahon   Beautiful Girl/The Loving Heart
475 Evie Sands   Angel In The Morning/Dear John
476 Neil Scott    I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You/Let Me Think It Over
477 Outcasts    Today's The Day/I Didn't Have To Love Her Anymore
478  Four Sons   Hang Ten/Don't Hold It Against Me
479  ? & Mysterians #98 Girl (You Captivate Me)/Got To
480 July Four   Frightened Little Girl/Mr. Miff
481 Rationals   Leavin' Here/Not Like It Is
482  Terry Knight & Pack    Lizabeth Peach/Forever And A Day
483 Ohio Express  #29 Beg, Borrow and Steal/Maybe
484 Dandy Dan    If Love Is/I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance
485 3 1/2   Angel Baby/You Turned Your Back On Love
488 Jimmy Velvet   Touch Of Velvet/Roses Are Blue
489  Bobby Marchan   Rockin' Pneumonia/Someone To Take Your Place
490 Thomas Edison Electric   Mary Ethel/The Name Of The Game
492 Hermione Gingold   Something Stupid/Millions Of Hearts
494 Bob Seger & Last Herd    Heavy Music Part 1 & 2
495 Terry Knight   Dirty Lady/Come Home, Baby
496 ? & The Mysterians    Love Me Baby/Do Something To Me
497 Sid Doherly    Lonely Sounds/When The Lights Go Out Tonight
2000  Village Stompers    Sing All Together
2001 Ohio Express   Soul Struttin'/Try It
2002 Evie Sands    It Makes Me Laugh/Billy Sunshine
801 Jerry Fields  (1958) The Trial/Easy Steppin'
802 Denny Mela   Forget My Past/Blondie
803 Temptations    Temptation/Bird 'N' Bees
804 Chubby Checker #38 The Class/School Days, Oh School Days
805 Chubby Checker   The Jet/Ray Charles-ton
806 Scott McKay    Rollin' Dynomite/Evenin' Time
807 Premiers   Tonight/I Think I Love You
808 Chubby Checker (1959) Samson And Delilah/Whole Lotta Laughin'
809 Georgie Young    Gold Rush/That's Tough
810 Chubby Checker    Dancing Dinosaur/Those Private Eyes
811 Chubby Checker  #1 The Twist/Toot                  (1960)
811 Chubby Checker  #1/#68 The Twist/Twistin' USA       (1961)
812  Wayne Handy    So Much To Remember/You'll Never Be Mine
813 Chubby Checker #14/#42 The Hucklebuck/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
EP 5001 Chubby Checker   The Hucklebuck/The Jet/ Whole Lotta Shakin'
814 Timmie Rogers   I Love Ya I Love Ya I Love Ya/Tee Hee
815 Little Sisters (1960) The Twist/The Pony
816 Philadelphia Strummers    I Ain't Down Yet/Every Moment You Live
818 Chubby Checker #1 Pony Time/Oh, Susannah
819 Dovells    No No No/Letters Of Love
820  Turbans    Golden Rings/When You Dance
822 Chubby Checker  #24/#43 Dance The Mess Around/Good, Good Lovin'
823 Cousins    St. Louis Blues/No One Knows
824 Chubby Checker #8 Let's Twist Again/Everything's Gonna Be Alright
825  Eddie Curtis   Let It Live/How Long Will It Last
826 Billy Barnette    Marlene/Two Brothers
827  Dovells  #2 Bristol Stomp/Out In The Cold Again
827 Dovells   Bristol Stomp/Letters of Love
828 Joe Van Loan   Hurricane/Broken Shoes
829 Reggie Van Dyke   Sweetness/Happy Music
830  Chubby Checker  #7 The Fly/That's The Way It Goes
831 Ronnie LaVelle    Cartoons/The Crazy Way Of Love
832  Freddie Future  (1961) Don't Forget Me/Like Soiree
833  Dovells #37 Do The New Continental/Mope-itty Mope Stomp
834  George Tindley   Just For Her/Fairy Tales
835 Chubby Checker #3 Slow Twistin'/La Paloma Twist
836  Rocky Fellers   Long Tall Sally/South Pacific Twist
837 Ronnie LaVelle    Let Her Go/A Dog's Life
838  Dovells  #37 Bristol Twistin' Annie/The Actor
839 Pookie Hudson   Turn Out The Lights/John Brown
840 Sandy Trapp   Love Sickness/I Don't Know
841 Scott Brothers   Memories/Beggin' For Your Love
842 Chubby Checker  #12 Dancin' Party/Gotta Get Myself Together
843 Leon & Dreamers    Haircut/If It Hadn't Been For You
844 Donnie Elbert    Baby Cakes/Set My Heart At Ease
845 Dovells #25 Hully Gully Baby/Your Last Chance
846 Ray Rush    So What/Can This Be Love
847 Tina Powers    Making Up Is Fun To Do/Back To School
848 Cousins    Some Of These Days/When My Baby Smiles At Me
849 Chubby Checker  #2/#10 Limbo Rock/Popeye
850 Diablito    The Jungle/Menengue Potatoes
851 Chavis Brothers   Slippin' And Slidin'/Good Old Mountain Dew
852 Ruth Batchelor    Mr. Principal/Lemon Drops, Lolly Pops
853 John Zacherle    Dinner With Drac/Hurry Bury Baby
854 Swagmen    By The Yonder Tree/East Virginia
855 Dovells  #82 The Jitterbug/Kissin' In The Kitchen
856 John Linde    Combo Bossa Nova Bill/Round Sound
857 Buddy Savitt    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Come Blow Your Horn
858 Patricia May   What Christmas Means To Me/Angel Of Love
859 Rune Overton    Madison Piano/Big Bass Boogie
860 Lee Andrews  (1962) Gee, But I'm Lonesome/I'm Sorry Pillow
861 Dovells   Save Me, Baby/You Can't Run Away From
862 Chubby Checker #20/#15 Let's Limbo Some More/Twenty Miles
863 Hippies/Reg Harrison #63 Memory Lane/A Lonely Piano
864 Merle Kilgore    I Am/When It Rains The Blues On You
865 Impacs    Tears In My Heart/I'm Gonna Make You Cry
866 Lee Andrews   Looking Back/Operator
867 Dovells #3 You Can't Sit Down/Wildwood Days
867 Dovells    You Can't Sit Down/Stompin' Everywhere
868 Tip Tops   Oo-Kook-A-Boo/He's Braggin'
869 Frank Taylor   Snow White Cloud/Send Her Back To Me
870 Cousins   Sweet Georgia Brown/Outside The Wall
871 Tymes #1 So Much In Love/Roscoe James McClain
872 Taffys    Everybody South Street/Can't We Just Be Friends
873 Chubby Checker  #12 Birdland/Black Cloud
874 Billy Abbott & Jewels  #55 Groovy Baby/Come And Dance With Me
875 Bobby Freeman   She's A Hippy/Whip It Up Baby
876 Freddy Bender   Miss Daisy De Lite/Let's Twist Again
877  Little Joe Vespe    Caravan/Conservative Twist
878 Marshall West    The House Is Gonna Live/I Hurt Myself
879 Chubby Checker  #25/#55 Twist It Up/Surf Party
880 Valrays    Get A Board/Pee Wee
881 Swans    Daydreamin' Of You/The Promise
882 Dovells #50 Betty In Bermudas/Dance The Froog
883  George Mc Cannon    Lana/What Am I Gonna Do
884 Tymes  #7 Wonderful, Wonderful/Come With Me
885 John Zacherle    Surfboard 109/Clementine
886 Neil Brian   Three Rows Over/My Haunted Heart
887 Tootie & Bouquets    The Conquerer/You Done Me Wrong
888  John Zacherle   Scary Tales From Mother Goose/Monster Monkey
889  Dovells  #94 Stop Monkeyin' Aroun'/No No No
890  Chubby Checker   Loddy Lo/Everything's Gonna Be Alright
890  Chubby Checker  #12/#12 Loddy Lo/Hooka Tooka
891 Tymes  #19 Somewhere/View From My Window
892 Expressions    To Cry/On The Corner
893 Gleems    Sandra Baby/You Are The One
894 Don Covay  (19630 Ain't That Silly/Turn It On
895  Neil Brian   Lilac And Spanish Moss/I Made Her Forget
896  Patti LaBelle  #34 You'll Never Walk Alone/Decatur Street
897 Lydells   There Goes The Boy/Talking To Myself
899 Haircuts   She Loves You/Love Me Do
900 Carl Holmes    I'm At My Best/I Want My Ya Ya
901 Dovells   Be My Girl/Dragster On The Prowl
903 Larry Hallaway   Beatle Teen Beat/Going Up
904  Valrays   Yo Me Pregunto/Tonky
905  Billy Abbott    It Isn't Fair/Hey Good Lookin'
906  Buzz Kirby    Speedoo/She's My Girl
907  Chubby Checker  #23 Hey, Bobba Needle/Spread Joy
908 Tymes   To Each His Own/Wonderland Of Love
909  Undertakers   Just A Little Bit/Stupidity
910  Don Covay   The Froog/One Little Boy Had Money
911  Dovells    Happy Birthday Just The Same/One Potato Two Potato Three Potato
912 Ribbons   They Played A Sad Song/Melody D'Amour
913 Patti LaBelle   One Phone Call Will Do/ You Will Fill My Eyes No More
914 Plato    Copy Cat/Claudia's Theme
7039 Tymes   Isle Of Love/I'M Always Chasing Rainbows (Somewhere album)
7041 ChubbyChecker/ Dee Dee Sharp   The Twist/Mashed Potato Time (Oldies By The Dozen Vol. 2 album)
915  John Paul Jones    Baja/A Foggy Day In Viet Nam
916  Thinmen   Indian Love Call/Guitar Blues
917 Prizes   Summer's Here At Last/I Found Someone New
918  Rod & Carolyn   Young Love/Talk To Me
919  Tymes   The Magic Of Our Summer Love/With All My Heart
920 Chubby Checker #40 Rosie/Lazy Elsie Molly
921 Rag Dolls/ Caliente Combo #91 Society Girl/Ragen
922  Chubby Checker    She Wants To Swim/You Better Believe It Baby
923  Alaine Williams    When Are We Getting Married/So This Goodbye
924 Tymes   Malibu/Here She Comes
924 Tymes   Malibu/It's You & Only You
925 Dovells    Watusi With Lucy/What In The World's Come Over You
926 Defenders   Island Of Love/I Laughed So Hard
927 Jerome Powell   Home To Stay/Live And Let Live
928 Hattie Winston    Pictures Don't Lie/Please Write Back To Me
929 Bronzettes    Hot Spot/Run, Run You Little Fool
930 Possessions    No More Live/You And Your Lies
931 Nikki Blu   I Love Him So/I Love Him So (Instr)
932  Antoinette   There He Goes/Little Things Mean A Lot
933 Tymes    The Twelfth Of Never/Here She Comes
933 Tymes   The Twelfth Of Never/I Won't Cry Anymore
934 Rod & Carolyn   Love Is Where You Are/I've Got You On My Mind
935 Patti La Belle  #76 Danny Boy/I Believe
936  Chubby Checker #70 Lovely,Lovely/The Weekend's Here
937  Blue Rondos (1964) Little Baby/Baby I Go For You
938 Jack Dorcey Big Band   Ringo's Dog/March Of The Conks
939 Greenbeats    You Must Be The One/If This World Were Mine
940 Primitives   Help Me/Let Them Fall
941 Jackie Trent   How Soon/Don't Stand In My Way
942  Sounds Orchestral #10 Cast Your Fate To The Wind/To Wendy With Love
943 Sandra Barry   We Were Lovers/The End Of The Line
944 Billy Harner   All Through The Night/Toot
945  Jordan Brothers    What's Wrong With You Baby/The Jordan Theme
946 John L. Watson   Lookin' For Love/I Only Came To Dance
949  Chubby Checker #40 Do The Freddie/Discotheque
950 Billy Harner   Let's Get In Line/All Through The Night
951 Ray Brown & Whispers   Devoted To You/20 Miles
952  Eddie King   Always At A Distance/If You Wish
953  Sandra Barry   We Were Lovers/End Of The Line
954 Sandra Barry   Question/You Can Take It From Me
955 Jackie Trent   On The Other Side Of The Tracks
956 Hattie Winston   Pass Me By/Pictures Don't Lie
957 Vickie Baines   Got to Run/Losing You
958  Sounds Orchestral    Canadian Sunset/Have Faith In Your Love
959 Chubby Checker    Everything's Wrong/Cum Ha La Be Stay
960 Eddie Holman #57
This Can't Be True/A Free Country
961 Hariette Blake    Dansero/Why Did Our Love Go Wrong
962 Marcello   Zorba's Dance/L'Isola Del Dole
963 Jackie Trent   When Summertime Is Over/To Show That I Love Him
964 Joe Graves   See Saw/Beautiful Girl
965 Chubby Checker   You Just Don't Know/Two Hearts Make One Love
966  Vickie Baines   Are You Kidding/Country Girl
967 Bobby Sherman   Goody Galum-Shus/Anything Your Heart Desires
968  Sounds Orchestral    Go Home Girl/A Boy And A Girl
969 Len Barry   Hearts Are Trump/Little White House
970 Toni Stante   It's My Life/Donde Esta Santa Claus
971 Christine Cooper   S.O.S.(Heart In Distress)/Say What You Feel
971 Christine Cooper   S.O.S.(Heart In Distress)/Playground
973 Sounds Orchestral   Thunderball/Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
974 Camps   Batmobile/The Ballad Of Batman
976  De Vonns   Freddie/Put Me Down
978 Richard Rome    Happiness Is/Back In 60 Seconds
981 Eddie Holman    Don't Stop Now/Eddie's My Name
982 Janie Grant   And That Reminds Of You/My Heart Your Heart
983 Christine Cooper   Heartaches Away My Boy/A Bad Boy
985  Warmest Spring    Younger Girl/It Doesn't Matter Now
986  Four Exceptions    You've Got The Power/A Sad Goodbye
987  Johnny Maestro & Crests   Try Me/Heartburn
988  Jimmy Jones    Don't You Just Know It/Dynomite
989 Chubby Checker   Hey You! Little Boo-Ga-Loo/Pussy Cat
990 Warmest Spring   Hard, Hard Girl/Suddenly
991 Roddie Joy   A Boy Is Just A Toy/Stop
992 Bronzettes    Hot Spot
993  Hollywood Producers   You're Not Welcome/White Silk Glove
994 Eddie Holman   Return To Me/Stay Mine For Heaven's Sake
995 High Hopes   Now That My Love Has Come/Now That.. (instr)
996 Ben Zine   Village Of Tears/What's The Heck The Hanky Panky
997 Street Corners   My Generation/I Don't Care
998 TJK/PS 13 Blues Band    Boo Goo Loo Baby/Shades Of Blue
999 Johnny Maestro & Crests    Come See Me/I Care About You
100 Jerry Jackson (1966) It's Rough Out There/I'm Gonna Paint A Picture
101 Roddie Joy    Something Strange Is Going On/Stop
102 Young Gyants   Memphis/It Hurts So Bad
103 Joe Graves   Debbie/A Boy And A Girl Fall In Love
104 Mr. Wiggles    Fat Back Part I/Fat Back Part II
105 Chubby Checker   You Got The Power/Looking At Tomorrow
106 Eddie Holman    Am I A Loser/You Know That I Will
107 Revlons   Ya Ya/It Could Happan To You
108 GTO's   Girl From New York City/Missing Out On The Fun
109 Rites Of Spring   Why?/Comin' On Back To Me
111 Palace Guard   Party Lights/Saturday's Child
112 Chubby Checker    Karate Monkey/Her Heart
113 Mike Finnegan & Surfs    Bread And Water/Help Me Somebody
114 Lou Barrington   The Kwella/Swella Stroll
115 Action Unlimited    Thinking To Myself/My Heart Cries Out
118 Johnny Maestro    My Time/Is It You
119  Johnny Daye    A Lot Of Progress/You're On Top
120 Sounds Orchestral   Pretty Flamingo/Sounds Like Jacques
121 Me & You   You Got My Time Baby/Let The World In
122 Christine Cooper    Good Looks(They Don't Count)/I Must Have You
123 Bunny Sigler   Girl Don't Make Me Wait/Always In The Wrong Place
124 Palace Guard    Greed/Calliope
125 Leather Boy   Jersey Thursday/Black Friday
126 Doug Billard   Genuine Jade/Emily
127  Senator Bobby/Everett  #20
Wild Thing/Wild Thing
128  Twilights    Shipwreck/For The First Time
129 Jaxon Reese    How Do You Speak To An Angel/Hurry Sundow
130 John D'Andrea    Sunny/Uptight
131 Daniel E. Skidmore   Little Old Groovemaker/Listen To The Wind
132 Chuck Day &Young Gyants   We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/ Tom Dooley
133 Eddie Holman   Somewhere Waits a Lonely Girl/ Stay Mine For Heaven's Sake
134 Roddie Joy    Every Breath I Take/Walkin' Back
135 Sir Cedric Smith    To Sing For You/Until It's Time For You To Go
136 Vandals   You Captivate Me/Fifth Avenue New York City
137  Senator Bobby   Mellow Yellow/White Christmas
138  Unluvd    Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm/Any Exception To The Rule
140 Yvonne Baker    To Prove My Love Is True/You Didn't Say A Word
141 Ventrills   Confusion/Alone In The Night
142 Jaxon Reese    Pretty Girl/Cry Me A River
143 Ronnie Dio & Prophets    Walking In Different Circles/10 Days With Brenda
145  Sure Cure    I Wanna Do It/Anything You Want
146 Renaissance   Daytime Lovers/Mary Jane
147 Zoo    Where Have All The Good Times Gone/Good Day Sunshine
148  Butlers   Shop Around/It's A Fine Time
149  Volcanics    Your Kind Of Lovin/But I Love Her
150 Hardley-Worthit Players    Congregational Record/Hardley-Worthit Melody
151  Roddie Joy   I Want You Back/Let's Start All Over
152  Little Caesar & Empire   Everybody Dance Now(Vocal)/Everybody Dance Now(Instr.)
153 Bunny Sigler    Let The Good Times Roll & Feels So Good / There's No Love Left
154 Googy & Joe's Workshop    To Fernando With Love Part 1/Part 2
155  Sounds Orchestral   A Man And A Woman/West Of Carnaby
156 Vandals    Don't Fight It/Fifth Avenue New York City
157 Eddie Holman   Never Let Me Go/Why Do Fools Fall In Love
158 Casual Association   Georgie Girl/Nickels And Dimes
6000 Bunny Sigler   Lovey Dovey/You're So Fine//Sunny Sunday
6001 Bunny Sigler   Follow Your Heart/Can You Dig It
6002 Simms Twins   Baby It's Real/Together
6003 Olympics   Lookin' For A Love/Good Things
6004 Bunny Sigler   Always In The Wrong Place/Don't Make Me
C101 Leaders Calla   (1965) He Won't Bite/Sneakin' Upstairs
C102 Bettye Lavette Calla Let Me Down Easy/What I Don't Know
C103 Kerry Adams Calla I Just Found a Love/Fast Talking Lover
C104 Bettye Lavette Calla I Feel Good/Only Your Love Can Save Me
C105 Little Jerry Williams Calla Baby, You're My Everything/Just What Do You Plan
C106 Bettye Lavette Calla Stand Up Like a Man/I'm Just a  Fool for You
C107 Cecil Garrett & Fascinations Calla Bear Cat Part 1 /Bear Cat Part 2
C108 Witches & A Warlock Calla Heavenly Love/Won't You Please
CH100 Bob Brady & the Con Chords Chariot Goodbye Baby/Tell Me Why
CH101 Bob Brady & the Con Chords Chariot More, More, More of Your Love/It's a Better World
CH1002 Sandra Gee Cheltenham (1965) I Can't Get Him Out of My Mind/I Love Him More & More
CH1004 McGraw Brothers Cheltenham Chantilly Lace/Time & Place
CH1006 Jordan Brothers Cheltenham What's Wrong with You Baby/The Jordan Theme
CH1007 Bobby Ellis Cheltenham It's the Talk of the Town/She's Got a Heart of Stone
CO879 Shells Conlo  (1965) Whiplash/When I'm Blue
CO880 Arlene Bailey Conlo Come Home/Conversation in the Street
C1003 Billy Gregg & Friends Cotton   (1962) The Jam Part 1/The Jam Part 2
C1004 King James Cotton I'm Gonna Get You/Time After Time
C1005 Temptations Cotton Peppermint Cane Part 1/Peppermint Cane Part 2
C1006 Billy Gregg & Friends Cotton Sweet Georgia Brown/Potato Peeler
C1007 Paul Curry Cotton Route 66/Honeysuckle Rose
C1008 Playboys Cotton Careful with My Heart/Girl of My Dreams
DR248 George Jackson Double R That Lonely Night/When I Stop Loving You
F100 Jerry Blavat Favor Discophonic Walk/Back to School One More Time
F610 Taffys Fairmount
Key to My Heart/Everybody South Street
F611 Tempos Fairmount Monkee Do/Play That Thing
F612 Dreamers (Swans) Fairmount Daydreamin' of You/The Promise
F613 Frankie Brunson Fairmount Boys Have Feelings Too/Move Baby Move
F614 Guy Maurice Fairmount Don't Look for Me/You've Got to Move
F1001 Tari Stevens Fairmount
Just a False Alarm/Bad Boy
F1002 Lonnie Youngblood Fairmount Go Go Shoes/Go Go Place
F1003 Irma & the Larks Fairmount Without You Baby/Don't Cry
F1004 Dee Dee Sharp Fairmount The Love I Feel for You/Willyam Willyam
F1005 Big Dee Irwin Fairmount A Sweet Young Thing Like You/You Really Are Together
F1006 Sonny Richards Panics Fairmount Rock With Me Baby/I Got a Love
F1007 Billy Leonard Fairmount Tell Me Do You Love Me/Tears of Love
F1008 Jo Ann King Fairmount Don't Paly with Fire/Let Them Love & Be Loved
F1009 Eddie Jones Fairmount Let's Stop Fooling Ourselves/Give Me Good Lovin'
F1010 Shirley Vaughn Fairmount You Don't Know/Climb Every Mountain
F1011 Oscar Wright Fairmount Leave Me Alone/Fell In Love
F1012 Frankie Beverly Fairmount She Kissed Me/Don't Cry Little Sad Boy
F1013 Ray Lewis Fairmount Getting Over You/Give My Love a Try
F1014 King Coleman Fairmount Freedom (vocal)/Freedom (instrumental)
F1016 Lonnie Youngblood Fairmount Wooley Bully/The Grass (Will Sing for You)
F1017 Frankie Beverly Fairmount Because of My Heart/I Want to Feel Wanted
F1018 Gene Waiters Fairmount Shake & Shing-a-ling Part1/Shake & Shing-a-ling Part 2
F1019 Daddy Kae & Yvonne Fairmount Eleven Commandments of Women/Shug
F1020 Damon Fox Fairmount Packin' In/
F1021 Damon Fox Fairmount Bonie Maronie/Packing Up
F1022 Lonnie Youngblood Fairmount Soul Food/Goodbye, Bessie Mae
F1023 Shirley Vaughn Fairmount Stop & Listen!/Doesn't Everybody
F1024 Bonnie & Lee Fairmount I Need Ya/The Way I Feel About You
GT801 The Soul City Goodtime Everybody Dance Now/Who Knows
KL1002 Sunny Ozuna & Sunliners Key-Loc Smile Now, Cry Later/Hopeless Case
L101 Keefer Sisters Lawn    (1960) Wedding Bouquet/Wee Willie Water Dilly
L102 Scotty McKay Lawn I've Been Thinking/It's a Funny Thing
L103 Little Guy & the Giants Lawn It's You/So Young
L104 Tommy Faile Lawn Rest of My Life/That's All Right
L105 Peter Mason Lawn Thank Heavens For Little Girls/Little Drummer Boy
L106 Key Larsen Lawn Little Lovin'/Web of Lies
LE226 Terry Knight & the Pack Lucky Eleven
Better Man Than I/Got Love
LE227 Bossmen Lucky Eleven Wait & See/You're the Girl for Me
LE228 Terry Knight & the Pack Lucky Eleven Lady Jane/Lovin' Kind
LE229 Terry Knight & the Pack Lucky Eleven A Change on the Way/What's on Your Mind
LE230 Terry Knight & the Pack Lucky Eleven I (Who Have Nothing)/Numbers
LE231 Bossmen Lucky Eleven Baby Boy/You & I
LE232 Jayhawkers Lucky Eleven
Come On (Children)/A Certain Girl
LE233 Kay Tolliver Lucky Eleven My Heart's Not Expected To Live/Heartache is My Middle Name
LE234 Chuck Slaughter Lucky Eleven You Got Me Crying/Tightrope
LE235 Terry Knight & the Pack Lucky Eleven This Precious Time/Love, Love, Love, Love, Love
LE235 Terry Knight & the Pack Lucky Eleven Love, Love, Love, Love, Love/The Train
LE235 Terry Knight & the Pack Lucky Eleven Love, Love, Love, Love, Love (one sided)
LE236 Terry Knight & the Pack Lucky Eleven One Monkey Don't Stop the Show/The Train
LE237 Debutantes Lucky Eleven Love Is Strange/Steady Kind
PT601 Persians Pageant Get a Hold of Yourself/Steady Kind
PT602 Jonny Greco (& Four Epics) Pageant Rocket Ride/Why Don't You Love Me
PT603 Dave Stephens Pageant Claire De Lune/Shining Stars
PT604 Sparkletones Pageant Just One Chance/Dear Little Boy
PT605 Henry Lumpkin Pageant I'm a Walkin'/Make a Change
PT606 Chris Page Pageant Mine Mine Mine/Wait & See
PT607 Zip & the Zippers (Orlons) Pageant Where You Goin' Little Boy/Gig
PT608 Taffys Pageant Peter Cottontail/Can't We Just Be Friends
PZ103 Tommy & the Riviera's P'zazz
Do I Love You/Lucille
ST1205 New Colony Six Sentar
Let Me Love You/Love You So Much
ST1206 New Colony Six Sentar You're Gonna Be Mine/Woman
ST1207 New Colony Six Sentar I'm Just Waitin'/Hello Lonely
WS216 Yellow Payges Showplace  (1967) Never See the Good in Me/Sleeping Minds
WS217 Yellow Payges Showplace Jezebel/We Got a Love in the Makin'
WS218 Power Showplace Children Ask(If He is Dead)/She is the Color Of
SS500 Rufus Lunly Skyscraper I'm In Love Again/Pinochio
S4001 Dickie Doo & the Don'ts Swan   (1957) Did You Cry/Click Clack
S4002 Billie & Lilly Swan La Dee Dah/The Monster
S4003 Doc Starkes Swan Apple Cider/6 Button Benny
S4004 Co-Eds Swan Big Chief/Juke Box
S4005 Billie & Lilly Swan    (1958) Happiness/Creepin' Crawlin' Cryin'
S4006 Dickie Doo & the Don'ts Swan Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu/Flip Top Box
S4007 Larry Ellis Swan My Heart Understood/Tennessee Valley
S4008 Earl Wade Swan I Dig Rock 'n' Roll/Let Me Miss You
S4009 Mary Swan Swan Love Could Be Like This/I'm Searching for a Bluebird
S4010 Upbeats Swan Just Like in the Movies/My Foolish Heart
T911 Bachs Lunch Tomorrow  (1967) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/You Go On
T912 Myddle Class Tomorrow Don't Look Back/Wind Chime Laughter
DV101 Chris Bartley Vando
The Sweetest Thing This Side of Heaven/Love Me Baby
DV102 Art Robins Vando I Can't Stand to See You Cry/Fountain of Love
V3000 Chris Bartley Vando Baby It's Wonderful/I'll Be Loving You
V3001 Tony Talent Vando Gotta Tell Somebody/Hooked on You
V706 Magicians Villa Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/Why Must You Cry
W1001 Spokesmen Winchester  (1967) Flashback/Mary Jane
W1002 Tymes Winchester This Time It's Love/These Foolish Things
WC601 Five Stairsteps Windy C
Don't Waste Your Time/You Waited Too Long
WC602 Five Stairsteps Windy C World of Fantasy/Playgirl's Love
WC603 Five Stairsteps Windy C Come Back/You Don't Love Me
WC604 Five Stairsteps Windy C Danger! She's a Stranger/Behind Curtains
WC605 Five Stairsteps Windy C Ain't Gonna Rest/Can't You See
WC606 June Conquest Windy C Take Care/All I Need
WC607 Five Stairsteps Windy C Ooh, Baby/The Girl I Love
WC608 Five Stairsteps Windy C The Touch of You/Change of Pace
X100 Rays XYZ      (1957) My Steady Girl/Nobody Loves You Like I Do
X101 Hank & Frank XYZ Rock-A-Billy (Just Like That/Ain't Cha Got Room in Your Great Big Heart
X102 Rays XYZ Silhouettes/Daddy Cool
X104 Chancellors XYZ I'm Comin' Home/Gotta Little Baby
X105 Chancellors XYZ Seaport at Sunset/Chalypso Train
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