2001 International Pop Orch. *International Pop Orchestra
2002 Asst. *This Is Burlesque
2003 International Pop Orch. *12 Greatest Songs Ever Written
1001 Dave Garroway *An Adventure In Hi-Fi Music
1002 Denise Darcel *Banned In Boston
1003 Imaginary Five *Operation Dixie
1004 Dave Appell *Alone Together
1005 Bernie Leighton *Dizzy Fingers
1006 Bobby Rydell *We Got Love
1007 Bobby Rydell *Bobby Sings Bobby Swings
1009 Bobby Rydell *Biggest Hits
1010 Bobby Rydell *Salutes The Great Ones
1011 Bobby Rydell *Rydell At The Copa
1012 Jack Weigand *Stairway To The Stars
1013 Rydell & Checker *Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker
1014 Meyer Davis *Plays The Twist
1015 Carroll Brothers *College Twist Party
1016 Asst. *12 Top Teen Dances Of 1961, 1962
1017 Jack Pyle *Listen Son And Other Readings
1018 Dee Dee Sharp *It's Mashed Potato Time
1019 Bobby Rydell *All The Hits
1020 Orlons *The Wah Watusi
1021 Julie Wilson *Meet the Orlons
1022 Dee Dee Sharp *Songs Of Faith
1023 Buddy Sarkissian & Mecca4 *Soul Of The East
1024 Jack Pleis Orchestra *All The HIts Of 1962
1025 3 Young Men From Mont. *Folk Song Favorites
1026 Jo Ann Campbell *All The Hits
1027 Dee Dee Sharp *All The Hits
1028 Bobby Rydell *Biggest Hits Vol. 2
1029 Sharp & Checker *Down To Earth
1030 Sunny Schwartz *Sunny's Gallery Of Folk Ballards
1031 Eddie Greensleeves *Humorous Folk Songs
1032 Dee Dee Sharp *All The Hits Vol. 2
1033 Orlons *All The Hits
1034 Dave Stephens Broadway Hall Of Fame
1035 Hawaiian Islanders *Enchantment Fro Hawaii
1037 International Pop Orch. *Songs That Will Live Forever
1038 William Whitehead *Organ Fantasies
1039 International Pop Orch. *Musical Jewels
1040 Bobby Rydell *All The Hits Vol. 2
1041 Orlons *South Street
1042 Beethoven Ben *Plays Piano Party Favorites
1043 Bobby Rydell *Bye Bye Birdie
1044 Chet Huntley *Best Of Washington Humor
1045 Helen O'Connell *An Era Reborn
1046 Maynard Ferguson *The New Sounds Of
1047 Campers *Camp Favorites
1048 John Koleski Orchestra *All Time Hits Polkas
1049 Bobby Silver & Orchestra *Jewish Dance Hits
1050 Dee Dee Sharp *Do The Bird
1051 Dimitri Spyros *Greek Dance Hits
1053 Rhinelanders German Dance Hits
1054 Orlons *Not Me
1055 Bobby Rydell *Wild (Wood) Days
1056 Clint Eastwood *Sings Cowboy Favorites
1057 Bernie Lowe Orchestra *Encore Vol. 3
1059 Teddy Wilson *1964
1060 Merv Griffin *My Favorite Songs
1061 Orlons *Biggest Hits
1062 Dee Dee Sharp *Biggest Hits
1063 Rydell & Checker *Golden Hits
1064 Clark Terry *More
1065 Isarspatzen Ensemble *Greetings From Hofbrauhaus
1066 Maynard Ferguson *Come Blow Your Horn
1067 Orlons & Dovells *Golden Hits
1068 Asst. *It's Dance Time
1069 Don Carter *Spares And Strikes Forever
1070 Bobby Rydell *Top Hits Of 1963  w/45
1071 Clark Terry *Tread Ye Lightly
1072 Artie Singer *Instant Dance Party
1073 Orlons *Down Memory Lane
1074 Dee Dee Sharp *Down Memory Lane
1075 Don Bruce *You Want To Be A Disc Jockey
1076 Rufus Jones *Five On Eight
1077 Carol Lawrence *An Evening With
1080 Bobby Rydell *Forget Him
1081 Al Fisher & Lou Marks *Rome On The Range
1082 Dovells *Len Barry Sings With The Dovells
2000 Ivy League *Tossin' And Turnin'
2001 Bobby Rydell *18 Golden Hits
2002 Dee Dee Sharp 18 Golden Hits
2003 Helen Curtis *Sings Songs Of Jackie Gleason
2004 ? and Mysterians *96 Tears
2006 ? and Mysterians *Action
2007 Terry Knight & The Pack *Reflections
2009 Ed McMahon *And Me...I'm Ed Mc Mahon
4001 International Pop Orch. *An Exciting Evening At Home
4002 Hawaaian Islanders *Soul Of Hawaii
4003 Bill Meeder *Great Movie Themes On The Organ
4004 Giannini  Orchestra *Soul Of Italy
4005 Bernie Lowe Orchestra *If Big Bands Were Here Today
4006 Dave Stephens *Broadway Originals
4007 Bernie Lowe Orchestra *If Big Bands Were Here Today Vol. 2
4008 International Pop Orch. *Exotica  w/Ted Auletta
4009 William Whitehead *The Organ Of The Phil. Academy Of Music
4011 International Collegians *120 Cadence Marches
4012 Rhinelanders *39 All Time Greatest Favorites
4014 Nick Tagg *12 Years Of Academy Award Winners
4015 Alvarez  & Inter. Pop Orch. *Spanish Inferno
4016 Roy Straigis *Musical Moods Of Italy
4017 Bobby Rydell *An Era Reborn
4020 William Whitehead *Academy Organ  Vol. 2
SSS 1 Asst. *Stereo Sound Series
SSS 2 Asst. *The Newest Sound On Records
7001 Chubby Checker *Twist With Chubby Checker
7002 Chubby Checker *For Twisters Only
7003 Chubby Checker *It's Pony Time
7004 Chubby Checker *Let's Twist Again
7005 Cousins *Music Of The Strip
7006 Dovells *The Bristol Stomp
7007 Chubby Checker *Your Twist Party
7008 Chubby Checker *Twistin' Round The World
7009 Chubby Checker *For Teen Twisters Only
7010 Dovells *All The Hits Of The Teen Groups
7011 Chubby Checker *Don't Knock The Twist
7012 Buddy Savitt *The Most Heard Sax In The World
7013 Asst. *All The Hits By All The Stars
7014 Chubby Checker *All The Hits For Your Dancin' Party
7015 Swagmen *Meet
7016 Asst. *All The Hits By All The Stars Vol. 2
7017 Bob Johnson *12 Shades Of Bluegrass
7018 John Zacherle *Monster Mash
7020 Chubby Checker *Limbo Party
7021 Dovells *For Your Hully Gully Party
7022 Chubby Checker *Biggest Hits
7023 John Zacherle *Scary Tales
7024 Raun MacKinnon *American Folk Songs
7025 Dovells *You Can't Sit Down
7026 Chubby Checker *In Person
7027 Chubby Checker *Let's Limbo Some More
7028 Asst. *Million Seller Dance Hits
7030 Chubby Checker *Beach Party
7031 Asst. *12 Greatest Gold Oldies In The Whole World
7032 Tymes *So Much In Love
7033 Asst. *All The Stars Biggest Hits
7034 Asst. *All The Stars Biggest Hits Vol. 2
7035 Asst. *Everybody's Goin' Surfin'
7036 Chubby Checker *With Sy Oliver
7037 Asst. *Oldies By The Dozen
7038 Tymes *The Sound Of Wonderful Tymes
7039 Tymes *Somewhere  w/45
7040 Chubby Checker *Folk Album
7041 Asst. *Oldies By The Dozen Vol. 2  w/45
7043 Patti LaBelle&Bluebells *On Stage  w/45
7045 Chubby Checker *Discotheque
7046 Sounds Orchestral *Cast Your Fate In The Wind
7047 Sounds Orchestral *Soul Of Sounds Orchestral
7048 Chubby Checker 18 Golden Hits
7049 Tymes *18 Golden Hits
7050 Sounds Orchestral *Impressions Of James Bond
7051 Deep Psychedelic Moods
7053 Hardley/Worthit Players *The Hardley Worthit Report
7054 Young Gyants *At The Chez
7055 Sounds Orchestral *Sophisticated Sounds
7057 Hardley/Worthit Players *Wilder Things
(total 153/158)   4/3/05
9007 Original Artists Top Ten Hits
9012 Original Artists Golden Hits
9029 Original Artists Dancin' Hits
9052 Original Artists All the Hits With All the Stars
9053 Dovells Discotheque with The Dovells
9080 Original Artists Shindig
9100 Original Artists Hullabaloo
9111 Original Artists Hullabaloo Vol 2
9114 Original Artists Dance A Go-Go
9187 Original Artists Stars of Hitsville
MMCP 520   The Chubby Checker Show (10")